Tee Off in Style with Fall Golf in Myrtle Beach

Some say it’s the weather, others say lower fees and others say less people, whatever the reason, fall is a popular season for golf enthusiasts to visit Myrtle Beach. Known as the “Golf Capital of the World,” Myrtle Beach boasts of more than 100 golf courses, many of which are world-class. Here’s what you can expect when playing golf in Myrtle Beach during the fall:

Weather: Fall is an ideal time for golf in Myrtle Beach because the weather is typically pleasant and comfortable. The temperatures are cooler than the hot and humid summer months, making it more enjoyable to spend several hours on the golf course. Daytime highs in the fall usually range from the mid-70s to mid-80s.

Less Crowded: One of the biggest advantages of playing golf in Myrtle Beach in the fall is that the courses are less crowded than during the peak summer season. You’ll often find more affordable rates and more available tee times, making it easier to plan your golf outings.

Stunning Scenery: The fall foliage adds a beautiful backdrop to your golf experience in Myrtle Beach. Many golf courses are surrounded by lush, mature trees that change colors during this season, creating a picturesque setting for your rounds.

Special Packages: Many golf courses and resorts in Myrtle Beach offer fall golf packages. These packages often include rounds of golf and sometimes even meals. It’s a great way to enjoy a golf vacation while saving money.

Ideal Course Conditions: Golf courses in Myrtle Beach take advantage of the milder fall weather to ensure their courses are in top-notch condition. The fairways and greens are well-maintained, providing excellent playing conditions.

Golf Events: Some golf courses host special fall events and tournaments that can add excitement to your golf trip. Keep an eye out for local tournaments or charity events if you want to test your skills in a competitive setting.

Dining and Entertainment: Myrtle Beach is not just a golf destination; it also offers a vibrant dining and entertainment scene. After a day on the golf course, you can explore the area’s restaurants, bars, and live entertainment venues.

Remember to book your tee times and reservations at one Capital Vacations’ area resorts. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just looking for a relaxing golf getaway, Myrtle Beach in the fall offers a perfect combination of beautiful weather, challenging courses, and natural beauty.